Japanese spitz (Nihon Supittsu) Standard dd. 16.06.1999 - Fédération Cynologique Internationale
Japanese spitz Nihon Supittsu Standard F
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The origin of the Japanese Spitz (Nihon Suppitsu) is said to be the large-sized white German Spitz brought to Japan around 1920 via the continent of Siberia and northeast part of China. Around the year 1921 the breed was first exhibited at a dog show in Tokyo.

Subsequently, in 1925, two pairs of white Spitz were imported from Canada, and until around 1936, imports came from Canada, the U.S., Australia and China. Eventually their offspring were crossbred to produce a better breed.

After the 2nd World War, the unified breed standard was established by the Japan Kennel Club in 1948.


Asian Spitz and related breeds

FCI group: V

Official authentic language: English

Country of origin of the breed: Japan